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Dip Fried Oreos in Nutella for an Unforgettable Taste of a Dessert

Dip Fried Oreos in Nutella

Deep fried Oreos is one of the most popular desserts from Southern states but can be hard to find in other parts of the country. Luckily, dipping them in honey and deep-frying them turns out to be an easy solution! The ooey and gooey tastes are just as good without all that grease.

Deep-fried Oreo is a delicacy that many people have tried, but few can forget. It’s crispy on the outside with a gooey centre that will remind you of your childhood. Dip just one in Nutella for an unforgettable taste sensation!

Tips For Making Deep Fried Oreos:

  1. Don’t place too many in hot oil at once, or they will form an uneven shape and be difficult to remove from a cooking surface; if you have more than two people helping with the dipping process, don’t worry about this step because there is enough room for everyone’s hands.
  2. If using wooden sticks, make sure to place them vertically so only the stick side is submerged — this will help keep the Oreo from separating.
  3. Use a deep fryer or heavy-bottomed pot, ensuring that it is as close to two inches in depth for optimal cooking time.
  4. Make sure oil isn’t too hot before putting food into your recipe — a good test is if you can place one finger on top of the surface and not feel any warmth coming through. If bubbles start forming at this point, remove them quickly with a slotted spoon because they are overcooking!
  5. Dip each cookie halfway down into the mixture; hold upright so excess batter drips off then lower carefully until the entire thing has been covered (it’s okay to break apart while dipping). Repeat process in batches of about four cookies.
  6. Cook for about two and a half minutes or until the Oreo is golden brown, flipping halfway through*. Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream to make your own dip.
  7. The batter coating on each cookie should be just enough that it gives them a light crust but doesn’t overwhelm their original flavour.
  8. It’s best to use up all of the oil you’re frying with because if any remains unused at the end of cooking time, it will likely have turned rancid from sitting too long exposed to air.
  9. A lot also depends on how old your ingredients are at the time you’re cooking. If your ingredients are still fresh, it will be best to cook them for a shorter amount of time.
  10. Once they’re ready and out of the oil, place them on paper towels to drain excess grease before serving with vanilla ice cream or other dipping sauces like chocolate ganache or Nutella sauce.
  11. Although some people enjoy eating deep fried Oreos without any accompaniment at all! The ooey and gooey tastes are so unforgettable that sometimes no toppings need to apply.

The Ultimate Taste Of Deep-Fried Oreos

Deep fried Oreos are a popular snack in the Midwestern United States. They originated as a “once upon a time” tale of how some friend or family member’s grandmother used to deep fry cookies for them when they were little, but recent innovations have found making and eating these treats much easier than before.

Dip your favourite cookie into Nutella (or any other dipping sauce) before you put it in hot oil — this will make it taste like an old-fashioned fried churro! This recipe is best with one basic chocolate chip cookie dough, but feel free to experiment with different flavours such as sugar cookies or gingerbread men cut out from pre-made dough sheets. The sky’s the limit! Serve up the delicious, gooey treat with a side of vanilla ice cream for dipping.

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