Niklos David

Birthday’s Become Lavish with Deep Fried Oreos

A gourmet at heart, is your kid a fan of a tasty meal? Perhaps a birthday celebration to commemorate their passion for eating would be appropriate. The task of coming up with the ideal theme for your child’s next birthday party may be difficult for a busy parent. However, a food-themed birthday party is fun and easy to plan, not to mention tasty! A few of our favorite ideas for food-themed parties may be found in the following list:

Deep Fried Oreos

Round-Round Donuts

Delicious Ice-Cream

If you want to go old-school with this décor, you can put up “old-school” parlor signs in front of the building and create attractive sundae menus that include all the toppings and flavors available. You can also create a fun and easy background for photographs by cutting a piece of poster board into the shape of an ice cream cone and securing it with balloons.

The Carnival excursion

A wide variety of options are available when it comes to decorating with this theme. Set up and cleaning will be a snap if you use white and red banners strategically positioned around the venue or your house. Fun items to create or buy include traditional popcorn boxes, tent-shaped centerpieces, bright signs, and other options. Traditional activities such as ring toss and duck pond should, of course, be included as well.

A Candy Related Theme

Crumbs Carnival Treats is offering Instant Mix for Deep fried Oreos and Deep Fried Twinkies.